Do You Want To Be Bamboo-zled? (previous release)

In exactly 10 days, brand new stock will be hitting our store!!
We are hugely excited at Elle & Arthur, to be bringing two items from our new, eco-friendly drink-ware range to you. Both items, made of bamboo will be our small way of trying to help save the planet... something Ive been taught to appreciate since I was young going tree planting with my parents in outback Australia.
These items, a 360ml BPA free bamboo flask with insulated double-wall stainless steel are focused upon staying away from plastic, and making the most of re-usable items.
Perfect for those long flights to wherever, and perfect for the layover. Plus, also great to have around the home.
Head to our online catalogue to check them out... you're able to order them now, but stock won't be available until 10 days from now.
Excited?? WE ARE!

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