Hatrack Heroes! Episode 26


Guest: Olivia Harabula

Organisation: Birthday Bliss

Release: 18th January 2021

Imagine this... you have a child, it's their birthday in a week, but you've recently lost your job and you're finding it tough to pay the bills let alone put food on the table. How are you going to give your child the celebration they deserve? You know... a chocolate cake decorated with their favourite character, seeing their eyes light up as they unwrap their presents, playing games with all their friends... and all those happy, gooey feeling that we all love to feel. The feeling of helplessness in this situation no doubt would be unbearable... something none of us would like to experience, and something we never want our children to experience.

This is where 'Birthday Bliss' come in... In this episode, we chat with one of the amazing volunteers, Olivia, who is also cabin crew in the region. Olivia gives us an insight her role, an insight into what being a part of Birthday Bliss involves. From collecting gifts to blowing up balloons, but also celebrating with the child on their special day. Olivia also shares with us her experiences on a personal level, and also on how we can all get involved.

Listen here!

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