Hatrack Heroes! Episode 31


Guest: Simon Marton

Organisation: Vineyard Churches / Tearfund / Compassion UK

Release: 22nd February 2021

Following on from last episode, our guest today, is Simon Marton. We continue our chat today about his journeys to varying parts of our world. We reflect some more about the intricacies of his travels in regards to being street smart, and gaining an appreciation of the world around us.

Simon is someone who has taken risks in the sense of jumping into volunteer and humanitarian work across multiple continents... from the Dominican Republic in Central America, to Zimbabwe in Africa, to Lebanon and Iraq in the Middle East. 
Simon tells us tales from over the years giving his time for these worthwhile organisations, where he had his eyes opened unto things that most of us would never want to see in our lifetime.

It's a continuation of an informative chat, and one that will hopefully make you want to get involved in some way, even if it's just on your doorstep.

Listen here! 

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