Hatrack Heroes! Episode 35


Guest: Alejandro Magalhaes

Organisation: Becky's Foundation

Release: 22nd March 2021

Have you ever had a moment where you've felt vulnerable? A moment where you've felt uncomfortable and with what feels like a minimal amount of control over a situation?

If you have, then you might have a small inkling about what the children of the small town of Senya-Beraku on the coast of Ghana, two hours from Accra feel. However, these children have grown up with this vulnerability staring them in the face every day pretty much from the moment they open their eyes into this world. Whether they are an orphan, or whether they've just been left in a room by the mother, to fend for themselves... just like the child our guest in this episode talks about.

Alejandro Magalhaes is airline crew in the Middle East, and due to the current situation for travel (or lack of), he was able to take time out from his work to venture into the world of volunteering with Becky's Foundation.

Listen here!

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