Hatrack Heroes! Episode 36


Guest: Ana Mihai Schmidt

Organisation: Rotary International

Release: 29th March 2021 

Many of you have probably heard of the organisation we chat about today. They are most known for their amazing work with the eradication of Polio around the world, but also for fighting disease, promoting peace, and also disaster relief.
Rotary International are a worldwide organisation doing many amazing things around the world, with the help of over one million members... one of whom we are speaking with today.

Ana Mihai Schmidt is cabin crew with Emirates, but has been involved with Rotary for a number of years now starting back in her home country, Romania.
After moving to Dubai, she became involved again with the organisation joining up with events visiting a disable children's home, and delivering Iftar boxes to the labour workers during Iftar.

She also embarked on a journey of self-discovery and growth by being the leader for her own project raising money at the Flea Markets.
Ana, from experience, can really say that Rotary gives you the opportunity to grow, and to become a better person. 
Click the link below for a great chat, and maybe it'll give you the encouragement to embark on a similar kind of journey too.

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