Hatrack Heroes! Episode 37


Guest: Maria Urbanczyk

Organisation: Nourish The Children 

Release: 5th April 2021 

"The more you give, the more you get", mantra we should all live by... as per the quote on Nu Skin's website, and also as per the upbringing of our guest in today's episode.

Maria, crew with Emirates Airline, has embarked on a journey taking in her passion of skincare and beauty, and gently blending it with her natural motherly and maternal instinct. Sounds like a strange blend, but in fact this is the unique concept coming from the company she has joined with while on unpaid maternity leave. Nu Skin are a company who not only deal with skin, but are a company extremely dedicated to enriching the lives of children in most need around the world.

The concept, unique to them is 'Nourish The Children', and it is a concept we chat with Maria in depth about in this brand new episode of 'Hatrack Heroes!'. Maria is someone who wants to give her all, not only for her own children, but for the children of the world, and Nu Skin has given her this opportunity.

Listen here!

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