Hatrack Heroes! Is Being Launched MONDAYYYYY

Ok, so i'm excited... but i'm also nervous, not just for how the response will be, but how it could affect the lives of so many people if it can just touch a few of you.

I'm also a little bit nervy about listening to my own voice on a public forum, haha!!

The main thing though, is that the information for these various charities out there will be voiced to the general public. 

The life of cabin crew can definitely be portrayed, and of course lived in a great way... but little do people know of what things we might see, let alone be involved in.

A few of the airline crew that i've met and will meet in the future are spending the hard earned money, and a lot of their spare time on the ground, working extremely hard for some little known charities in the farthest corners of the globe.

I became aware of the fact that some of these charities are not public knowledge when i was producing the 'Armed' caps (incidentally for the charity being talked about in the first edition of the podcast). People had no idea about the charity, what they did, or the plight of the children involved... until i told them - and these people were airline crew. So, it came to mind that if crew didn't know about the charity, then the general public wouldn't know either.

So, from there came (first) a YouTube channel... which i wasn't happy with. But since, has turned into a podcast, which will be released on Monday the 4th November 2019 - not too many days away.

Subscribe to the podcast to hear some amazing stories of the most selfless, amazing people.

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