International Day of Charity

So, today is International Day of Charity... a very important day in a years calendar. It's a time to reflect on the wonderful, and amazing work people are doing around the world.

Whatever the charity might be, we each have a soft spot for something or someone that we find worthy of giving to, whether it be animals, environment, children, the homeless, veterans etc etc... the list can go on.

No matter who, take the time today to think about them, and to think about what that charity are doing for the world.

In recognition of this day, we are launching a brand new range of clothing (to go along with our 'Armed' headwear), through our shop on Check out the products out at, maybe you'll find something perfect for you... there's definitely some cool stuff. We continue to give with the 'Armed' range, a total of 25% of all 'Armed' profits to "Les Racines de l'Espoir', a charity in Dakar, Senegal helping to get the disadvantaged children off the street, in an effort to give them a new life!

Also because of this special day, we are going to be donating 25% of all profits from our 'Always Fly Higher' range to a special charity called 'Crew 4 Paws'. They are a airline crew group saving the street cats... trying to give them new homes, and making sure they are at looked after in the best way possible. For this range, also head to - you'll love it!

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