Meet The Mugs (previous release)

After some months of researching, searching, designing, redesigning, idea changing, more designing, and more researching I finally came through with the first of Elle & Arthur's homeware range.
I remember the exact moment the idea for these mugs came to my head... it was the beginning of a not so busy flight, and while in the galley doing a few bits and pieces the purser (crew boss) made the PA "crew to boarding positions". Maybe at your airline you don't have this exact phrase, and have something similar... but if you aren't familiar with this statement, it's basically telling the crew to get into the cabin ready for the passengers.
On this day, maybe my mind was a bit more cuckoo than normal, but as soon as I heard the PA I immediately jumped into the most outlandish pose I could think of... the other crew were thinking all sorts of weird things i'm sure, but it did get a laugh, which I guess is one my aims every time I fly...
From here, I just knew there was a product/product range for this...
So here we are today, with a brand new mug design based upon this day... 9 different characters (yes, each has a name)... all 'posing' in their boarding position - none of which are that 'normal' for the beginning of a flight, but for sure they'll get you thinking about what your next boarding position will be.
Over the coming weeks, you'll be introduced to 'the mugs'... where they're from, what they like doing on their off days, who they're dating etc etc
To get your mug, just go to the 'homewares' catalogue and check out. Easy!!!

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