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Yesterday marked the time of year, not only for the day Jesus was born, but for the day I take stock of the Christmas Cards I sold for the season.
It's just the second year I've been selling my fancy airline themed Christmas Cards, but it really feels good to be able to share my fun cards with crew, who in turn share with their family and friends.
There are two reasons really why it feels good doing this... firstly, because it's Christmas, and it's a time of giving, sharing, and showing love to one another... and secondly I donate proceeds of the cards to the National Breast Cancer Foundation, based in Australia, which is this one is very close to my heart.
You might ask why I chose this charity out of so many different ones around the world... this one however was a no brainer for me.
Just over 2 years ago, my Mum (who lives in Australia) was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. Of course I took it hard, but I kept a brave face and pushed through with work and life as normally as I possibly could. Mum and Dad were living life as per normal (with a pile of doctor visits), so why should I behave differently.
During this time however, we'd really only chat by phone, and not really use Skype video. I'd managed to visit, but not before the physical changes. Anyway, Christmas came around quickly (as per normal), and I decided I'd get back on the Skype bandwagon, and call them. It was a huge shock to the system as they answered the call... they were all sitting their online, celebrating the day, which was awesome, but it was the first time i'd seen Mum without her hair. I choked up straight away, and had to turn off my video. I really needed to take a number of deep breaths to regain my composure. I already knew how precious my family was to me, but this really made me appreciate them a whole lot more...
So... when I came up with my Christmas Card ideas, I thought it would be an amazing idea if I was able to give something back to the people who helped in making sure my Mum survived. The National Breast Cancer Foundation came to mind as the perfect charity to donate to, so I could at least repay something... even if it's only small so far.

Mum is still going strong now, isn't suffering from cancer anymore (touch wood), and I'll forever be grateful to the doctors, the nurses, and the complete support network around our family during that time. It really is a tough thing for anyone, or any family to go through, no matter what kind of cancer it is. If you or your family are going through, or have gone through this, my thoughts and prayers are with you...
The Christmas Cards will remain on sale online throughout the year still... and the big push will come later on in 2018.
This year we sold just under 30 packets of cards... which enabled us to donate $50. It's not huge, but with your support next year, and with some more greeting cards coming, this will hopefully become bigger and better.
Thank you to those of you who have already purchased cards, and helped with the cause.
If you'd like to donate direct to the NBCF, please visit

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