Playing with words (previous release)

Sooner or later, as you look through my range of products... or at other blogs I might write, you'll come to realise I love to find ways of twisting words or titles to give it some kind of humour. Yes, they might come across as a 'dad joke' or something that makes you just groan... but ultimately they make me smile, and hopefully make you smile or in fact laugh - that's the aim anyway.
Well, sometimes these corny phrases, words or comments can become the centre of your existence professionally... and this is exactly what happened unintentionally 2 to 3 years ago. Without even thinking of starting a business or going into the field of selling products I suddenly came up with two names that were later that day going to be turned into the name of a company. What that company was going to be or do wasn't known yet, but I knew I had something going.

So, having mentioned that it was two names being turned into a company, you will know that it it's Elle & Arthur. No, they aren't my grandparents, or two lovely, elderly people I met down at the local supermarket... they're actually not people at all, but a figment of my imagination when playing with words.

If you fly, as cabin crew or even as flight deck, you probably have to do recurrent training for the aircrafts you fly... it's that time of year that you procrastinate in studying, your mind wanders to everything else but study, where you eat, drink and stress each day away, and generally don't get anything of worth done. This, was exactly what I was doing when the title of what was to be a company name came to me... Well, I lie a little, as in fact I was thinking about aircrafts in some way, the Boeing 777 to be exact.
If you'd like to know straight away how the title of the company Elle & Arthur relates to the Boeing, then keep reading. If however you want to be clever and work it out for yourself, then turn away for a moment...
So, think of the doors on a 777 (and hopefully you've worked on the aircraft using the same terminology otherwise this blog is kapoot)! Both sides of the aircraft there's either 4 or 5 doors... L & R 1 through to L & R 4 or 5. Read this out loud to yourself until you reach L & R 4... I think you now know where i'm going with this. If you're french however, stop at L & R 2 (i've since realised their pronunciation is slightly different), but luckily we could adapt for them.
There you have it... the beginning of a beautiful thing (in my eyes, and now hopefully yours) came from a weird and whacky mind, but also a mind that was 'studying'. You never know, next time you're studying for something like this... you might come up with the next big thing. I look forward to it.

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