That Moment It Clicked (previous release)

The other day I received a WhatsApp message from a friend. It was a message sent to a group of people, so wasn't necessarily directed at me, or anyone else in particular.
I read the content, and immediately felt as though this message was sent especially for me. It read "Hello Everyone, here is a video of the house we building for the 100 kids we are taking care of together. This house will allow them to live in better conditions, learn languages, maths, science, have a playground etc..."

"We are short of 75,000 aed (approx $20000 US) to finish the house" 

"Please talk to your friends, families, collect donations $ Only together can we achieve our goal"
It immediately had me thinking about a recent YouTube clip i'd watched of Gary Vaynerchuk visiting Ghana, and his involvement with the 'Pencils Of Promise'. As I watched one of his videos about Pencils Of Promise, which incidentally was only a week or so ago, I was thinking to myself how amazing it would be to have the ability to do this kind of work for people less fortunate than myself.
Once upon a time I was looking into heading to Africa to volunteer in some way in the football coaching world. I wasn't sure where or how, but was willing to put in the effort and try to help out kids in developing nations in my own way. Unfortunately, due to restrictions with my work, I wasn't able to fulfil this so it was put on the back-burner. The reason I wanted to do this wasn't for the want of travel, I was doing plenty, but for the want to be counted for... a purpose. Not just a run of the mill person who goes day in day out doing the same thing, not achieving anything meaningful. Don't get me wrong, we each have different wants and purposes in life... but mine was always to aim higher and make something of myself, no matter what field it was in.
Ok, so this cause is not my brainchild... I wish it was, and maybe someday I will be able to conceive an idea in some place that I feel can benefit from my help, but the cause being implemented is by a group of colleagues, one being a close friend of mine. Still with work restrictions, I'm unable to volunteer somewhere in Africa, so seeing this cause, and it being something close to a friend, I thought what a perfect opportunity to be able to give, but also to develop an idea I had a while ago for my 'Crew Life Concepts' business.
So, to cut to the chase, I came up with the concept of 'Armed' for a clothing range... something a bit gangsta/gritty. We all know in the cabin crew world what 'armed' is, but I thought how cool the word is in the real world, and how catchy it seemed. Due to other product development happening, I decided that the clothing range would take a back seat... but when I saw this amazing work my friend is doing, I started going over in my head how I could help, and immediately, like an epiphany, I thought that the 'Armed' range would be perfect.
So, people of the skies... Let's ARM these kids with education, let's ARM these kids with opportunity, and let's ARM these kids with a future.

For further information, go to the 'ARMED' link or go to 'clothing'. If you are looking for other ways to donate, i'll be leaving information on the website shortly.

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