The Curse Of The Towels (previous release)

Is the common towel the curse of every cabin crew, or is it just me (and most of the crew I work with)??
I think I can say that from Day 1 of starting to work in the airline industry, walking up the aisle with a silver tray full of mini towels and a pair of plastic tongs was just not my idea of glamour. In addition to this, the collection of said towels after being pressed up to someones face and goodness knows what else was even further from glamour than I could even imagine.
Did this task improve when I was promoted to business class... NO. Yeah, it was less towels (bigger ones), but still, these towels were being wiped over dirty hands, and dirty faces (nearly spelt that as faeces by accident, which on some flights isn't far from the truth).
First class is probably a slight improvement for towel delivery, but I think after so many years of dealing with the concept in other cabins, the stigma remains and you just succumb to that cringy feeling when it's time to deliver towels.
So, if you aren't crew, put yourself into our shoes and think about what it's like to be performing this part of our job... and what kind of excuses you'd come up with to not do it. If you are crew, or were crew... then you completely understand where I'm coming from in describing this somewhat menial yet challenging task.
This whole concept was the inspiration behind the latest product, which was released just recently... a tea/coffee mug (part of 'the mugs' range), aptly named after an ex-senior crew with my airline, Christoffer, who probably dealt with the situation of trying to get his teams to deliver towels at the appropriate time during flights. I'm sure Christoffer wouldn't be able to count on two hands (let alone one), the amount of times he asked his crew 'Did you deliver towels?' only to be met with the answer of 'Yes', even though it was probably blatantly obvious they weren't done, and crew were trying to pull the wool over his eyes.
Check out the new mug (which has been getting a great response) through the product link - crew life concepts, and be the first to get yourself one (or two, or more of course).

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