About Us

Hey guys, I'm Nick, the owner and creator of Elle & Arthur... 

We as a company have been running for just over four years now, mainly selling 'crew life concepts' face to face. We started with the vision of giving cabin crew fun and creative things that bring some happiness and vibrance to what we know can be stressful and tough times, physically and mentally. Since then, we have grown and developed a whole new clothing range, and some other little extra bits and pieces.

Throughout the time of having the company, we also began a podcast called 'Hatrack Heroes!', where we interview amazing crew who are doing work with humanitarian organisations, and Not-for-profits... you can read all about it on the website, but can also get access to the podcast through various platforms including Apple & Google Podcasts, and Spotify.

We all get told that a smile is the first thing a customer sees when they board your aircraft, but think about this... how does it make YOU feel when you smile. I know I feel amazing. So please, check out our stuff... let us know what you think, and enjoy some cheeky shopping.

Happy flying, and see you in the skies!