Hatrack Heroes! Podcast

Ever wondered what airline crew do on their days off? Well, yes... they might be at the pool, at the gym, shopping, sleeping (a lot), and of course eating. BUT, there are also some very dedicated airline crew who are utilising their time in a different way.

These crew, i have coined with the title 'Hatrack Heroes!'. They are the ones who are selflessly giving up their time to help others, to give to others, to make someone else's day or life worth it. 

Having met a few of these giving crew, I decided that it would be nice if we could somehow show off these amazing crew, but also give an outlet to them and to whom they are helping. A platform for them to showcase to the world what they do, but more so give exposure to those in need.

So, from this, the podcast 'Hatrack Heroes!' was born... with guests from various airlines, we find out all about the organisations they are so generously helping, and the amazing things they get to experience in their individual journeys.

Available on all the regular platforms like Apple & Google Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, Deezer and many others, but also available by going direct to